The Farmhouse

Welcome to the farmhouse, here you can view some of the rooms in which Robert Burns and his wife Jean Armour lived and worked. You will be able to view some of his original works , behind glass of course!


The Spence

Robert Burns had this room provided where he could write and receive visitors. This was his parlour.

The Spence today has been converted into a museum. The room is filled with books, collectales and momentoes of Burns' personal belongings.


The Kitchen

Here we have a view of the magnificent kitchen fire that Burns had installed for his young wife Jean. Many a meal was cooked here for her and her young family. You can still see the hooks where she hung her hams to cure. The vegetable gardens and the orchard beyond have been laid out as they were in the 1790s with the 'privy' still remaining.

Beside the fireplace you can see the cupboard whree salt woudl be kept dry and the stone cheeks are worn where knives would be sharpened. Pots would be of cast iron although some might have been copper.

Above the fire is a painting, gifted by Peter Westwood, showing Burns and Jean Armour. In Ayrshire she had gone to stay with Robert's mother to learn the skills of a farmers wide. She would be in charge of the dairy, the hens and the female staff as well as keeping the house; raising a family and ensuring the household and workers were fed.

Kitchen with hams
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